Structural Modelling is an integral element of any engineering project. Finite element models analysed by computational programs allow us to perform various sensitivtiy analyses, in a shorter period of time thereby providing a better solution to our clients. 

IG & Associates is led by Ishan who has extensive experience in finite element modelling in structural projects. 

We are please to provide our services in the following softwares, which will be compliant with the local codes and backed by hand checks.

RAM Concepts

RAMConcepts is a software which we use for the design of Reinforced Concrete and Post Tensioned Slabs. Ishan has also used this for the design of mat foundations and pile caps for pile groups. 

IG & Associates have delivered designs for Post Tensioned Concrete Slabs and Reinforced Concrete Slabs in RAMConcepts in compliance with ACI318-19. 

A few project types for which IG & Associates have used RAM Concepts are:

1) POST-TENSIONED SLABS END TO END DESIGNS. The spans ranged from 25'-0" to 35'-0" with cantilever spans of 18'-0". 

2) COMBINED FOOTING DESIGN with post-installed columns on existing footings. 

3) MAT FOUNDATION DESIGN for caisson foundations for projects based out of Chicago.

Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer is a software that can be used to perform multiple global and local analyses. With the use of hyper accurate modelling and inter compatibility with REVIT, large footprint projects can be completed in record time.

A few project types for which IG & Associates has used Tekla Structural Designer are as follows:

1) Mission Critical Buildings, specifically Data Centers. Both GRAVITY and LATERAL SYSTEMS were designed using Tekla Structural Designer.

2) LATERAL SYSTEM of 24-storey Post Tensioned building. The Structural Modelling of the shear wall cores were done in Tekla Structural Designer. 


RISA 3D is a Strucrtural Analysis software used to design and analyse all manner of structures ranging from steel to reinforced concrete and masonry. At IG & Associated, we have modeled multiple types of structures and lateral systems with the use of RISA3D,  including monumental staircases.